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Artwork by Maciej Rebisz

This video is a great overview of the app.
Though we do recommend you try ApolloTV for yourself to see the latest features.

Exponentially Evolving

The heavy lifting is done entirely by our servers which allows us to bring you new sources continuously in the background without you having to update! This also gives you better battery life and increases the performance of the app.

Truly Universal

We intend to support more apps and platforms than anyone else! We currently support both iOS and Android and have done so from the start. We also have Android TV, macOS, Linux and Windows planned and in development.

Unrivaled Experience

As developers, we take pride in our work and we want you to enjoy using the app as much as we enjoy making it. We're putting every effort into making ApolloTV the best streaming experience you'll ever have.

The best interface...

ApolloTV's interface is clean, simple and approachable. Every aspect of the interface is designed to make your life easier and your experience wonderful.

However, despite our love of simplicity and approachability, we think everyone should be able to make their experience their own. ApolloTV contains a slew of customization options.

...but that's only the beginning!

We're constantly expanding ApolloTV's feature set by integrating with useful services that you know and love.

  • Synchronize your favorites and watch progress with Trakt.tv and (coming soon) SIMKL.
  • Get premium and unrestricted speeds with Real-Debrid, excellent for streaming high-quality content.
  • Use third-party players such as VLC to watch content.
  • Cast content to your TV with Chromecast support.